Reading and Social Studies
The Reading curriculum at Compass School centers around comprehension, fluency, and analysis of literary devices. Students are instructed how to use their prior knowledge and their own experiences to engage with a variety of genres.Using a series of novels read in class and individually, students analyze text to find literary elements such as author’s purpose, theme, main idea, prediction / inference, setting, and character development. To analyze these elements, students do a variety of journaling and activities as they read.
Social Studies
Through integration of history, literature, civics, reading skills and writing, students experience Social Studies in a three year cycle. This history-based rotation begins with the ancient worlds and ends with the 1960s. This year, students are in the second rotation of this cycle. Students will be learning about ancient Rome, the Middle Ages, and the Italian Renaissance. 
We engage in history through historical fiction, research and text, writing, art, and music of the time. Learning includes interactive activities such as reader’s theater, simulations, and games. Guest speakers, performances and possible field trips will also be part of the curriculum as available. These popular activities keep the learning interactive, lively, and fun!
In addition to the class curriculum activities, Compass School students will be creating National History Day projects. Each student selects a topic of interest in response to a prompt given by the NHD organization. Students will then research and create a project demonstrating their knowledge of the topic and its relation to the theme given. Students can choose to enter their project in the NHD competition.  In 2016, 84% of our students placed in the regional competiton, as well as earning 3rd place and 6th place at the state level.