At Compass School, our mission is to foster a small, nurturing  environment and challenging education which enables all of our students to achieve their  full potential

Our students' natural curiosity, creativity and
     love of learning are encouraged through interactive
and collaborative learning experiences and small,
multi-age classes that allow for individualized placement.
Our Academic Program
Our Educators
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We at Compass School are a community of parents and educators who believe that, given the right circumstances, nurturing, and excellent instruction,
every student can be successful academically. To us, these circumstances include
well educated, highly motivated, certified teachers working with a variety of students
in a small, individualized setting, giving the finest private school experience possible. 
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  1. Small Class Sizes
    In addition to the “basics”, Compass School students receive instruction in sciences, social studies, history, and art all from teachers who specialize in those fields. Our very small class sizes allow students to focus and eliminate the boredom and frustration that can occur in large classroom setting.
  2. Personal Instruction
    Each Compass School student is unique, and individualized instruction makes it possible for us to meet the student where they are in their education and move them forward. Many of our Middle School students are working at high school level and earning high school credits in English and Mathematics while others are reinforcing grade level skills.
  3. Building Confidence
    Using a proven Middle School method that some of our educators helped to develop, we trust that all students, regardless of their academic and social needs, will leave our class with self-confidence and academic achievement that will allow them to be greatly successful at the high school level and beyond.
  4. Thinking Globally
    A cornerstone of the Compass School program is teaching students to be global thinkers. To this end, we provide instruction in cultural studies and celebrate diversity in all of its forms. Part of our program includes adventure-filled monthly field trips that support the classroom learning...even options to travel to a foreign country during Spring Break!

Important dates to note for the second trimester:

January 16                  No School MLK Day

February 17                No School, Parent Teacher Conferences

Feb 20 - 24                   Mid-Winter Break

April 3-14                     Spring Break